Saturday, 9 May 2009

Beirut @ HMV Forum Videos

Here are some videos (yes already!) from last nights Beirut performance at the HMV Forum care of LaMusiqueDeLouie who writes the blog

Thanks Imdia!

Beirut - The Shrew live @ Forum - London 08/05/2009

Beirut - Gulag Okerstar live @ Forum London 08/05/2009

Looks like I missed a goodun, next time, next time!



Ian France said...

Bummer you couldn't go to the concert - it looked great though. I've passed up a Beirut concert in the past myself, but sometimes we just don't have time.

chalky said...

yep, had to pass on a ticket to Andrew Bird tonight as well :(

Still, very excited about taking a spin with a couple of bands tomorrow morning ;-)

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