Thursday, 30 April 2009


I'm a sleep walker. I had it bad as a teenager, I walked all over the house and it didn't stop there. Once I had left home I continued my sleepwalking in University and on my first night in halls came spectacularly close to being caught completely naked (I hadn't gone to bed that way, it must have been hot) wondering up and down the corridor outside my room, thankfully the door hadn't slammed shut behind me! I often wonder what I would have done if it had locked, bare in mind (no pun intended) I was at Imperial College which it's fair to say was very male dominated at the time. Maybe I could have tried covering up with a poster? One things for sure I would never have heard the end of it. Thank you door!

Anyway, from what I've heard sleep walking can be quite funny to watch so I youtubed "sleepwalking" and this is what came back:

Sleepwalking Fail

This video is from, a very funny site full of Fail and yet so full of win! I figured dogs are reliable sources of video footage because you can be sure they're not faking it for the cameras.

If you have a moment I noticed failblog could really use an extra vote or two in the Webby Awards that are due to close very soon. At the moment South Park Studios are way ahead. Follow this link for instructions on how to vote, there's really not much time left so if you're game then you need to be quick. While you're at it, Black Cab Sessions could really use a vote or two as well, they really deserve it for their fantastic music videos, they're under the categories Online Film and Video>Music and when I last checked they were trailing by just a few votes. Soooo close!!

Hope you sleep well tonight.


Ian France said...

That vid is SO FUNNY! I've seen it before but never went on the blog, so thanks for the link! Pretty crazy story 'bout sleepwalking though... I think I sleep-walked once, but only for a short amount of time.

chalky said...

Glad you liked the vid :-)

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