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Johnny Flynn and The Sussex Wit - 'The Fishing Trip' 31st March 2009

Yesterday, when London wasn't full of protesters trashing banks I met up with the lovely Abi from Room Thirteen to watch Johnny Flynn and The Sussex Wit play at The Lexington.

I'm not going to write a long review because I'm plenty busy right now so here's my summary of how it all went:

The Venue: The Lexington - a really nice bar, warm atmosphere, a pretty impressive selection of Bourbons and those cool bar seats that make you think you're in a saloon -yee-hah!

Josephine Oniyama

The Music: Josephine Oniyama - Her voice was pretty amazing, some nice soul folksy songs, I would be more than happy to hear her play again - listen to her Myspace here. (This is pretty much the only photo I managed to get of her before Mr Flynn stood in front of me - see photo at the end of this post)

Johnny Flynn & The Sussex Wit

Johnny Flynn & The Sussex Wit - They played a few new songs mixed in with the more familiar 'oldies'. Out of the new songs one in particular really impressed me, it was a bluesy number but I didn't catch it's name. The audience seemed to enjoy themselves, probably more so during the songs they recognized. Unfortunately we had to leave before the end to catch our trains home (one of the nuisances of not living in central London) so missed about two songs and the award ceremony for the best homemade fish (this was part of the fishing trip theme). I was sure he was going to play 'Tickle Me Pink' which is my favourite Johnny Flynn song so was a bit disappointed to have to leave at that point. Overall it was a good show.

The Trip Home: Terrible. Took the wrong branch of the northern line, missed my train by a few minutes after running like a mad women up loads of escalators and then missed my bus again by only a few minutes and had to wait ages for the next one while trying to ignore a bunch of people who were making a nuisance of themselves at the bus stop. Why do buses never show up when you really need them to?

Here are some of my slightly blurry photos of the evening (remember to check out the last one):

The last photo is of the back of Johnny Flynn's head which is just about all I saw of the support act Josephine Oniyama, never mind, it's a nice head isn't it!


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