Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Royksopp Photopass Competition!

If you are a fan of Royksopp (argh spelling!) and enjoy watching a gig from behind your fancy camera lens then you may want sit up and read THIS:

According to the blurb on the Royksopp website you need to send a link to your portfolio or Flickr profile to photographer@royksopp.com along with your full name and the show you would like to attend. The winner will receive a Photopass for themselves plus an extra ticket to take a friend to the show! Cha-Ching!!!

Here is the list of shows in the competition:

Pumpehuset Copenhagen - 6th April
Lido Berlin - 7th April
La Trabendo Paris - 8th April
Ether Festival London - 11th April

A couple of summers ago, Royksopp played in the park next door to my house. Tickets sold out fast so we ended up listening for free in the comfort of our own back garden and very nice it was to. Their latest album 'Junior' is currently streaming in full on their website. My favourite song is 'Vision One' which I think utilizes the "balloon rubbing" sound well. They also have some nifty album artwork uploaded here.

Good luck!


crazybobbles said...

:O :O :O i totally want a photopass! just emailed them! thanks for the heads up chalky! :D

chalky said...


The Daily Growl said...

I wish I was a photographer! I really want to go to the RFH gig, ESPECIALLY to see Fever Ray...

oh well...

chalky said...

Yep, sure it'll be a good gig. Really like what I've heard of Fever Ray so far as well. Ah well, don't think my blurry photos will get me in not unless they see the blurryness as some sort of artistic comment... hmmm

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