Thursday, 19 March 2009

My new record, taking pleasure in simple things...

I have a sexy new record! I bought M Ward's 'Hold Time' yesterday at Rough Trade East after deciding it would sound particularly great on vinyl and I wasn't wrong.

I haven't bought any records in years for one very good reason, I didn't have anything to play them with! This all changed recently when I got a record player for my birthday and although it's been a lot of fun catching up with all my old records I was eager to buy some new ones.

Perhaps it was self indulgent nostalgia but my husband and I both made the time to sit down to listen to the first play of 'Hold Time'. There was something inexplicably pleasant about the feeling I got as the needle settled in the groove and the first song began, I can't think of an equivalent feeling I've experienced from listening to a new MP3 or CD for the first time.

I wonder whether I find a certain amount of satisfaction in being more physically involved in playing a song rather than just pressing the button on my CD player/ipod and waiting for it to start. Maybe I take great pleasure in watching things go round and round. Maybe this album just sounds better on vinyl. Whatever it is, I'm happy I bought this record and you bet I'll be buying more in the future.

(Photo: Fully unfolded album art for 'Hold Time')


Ian France said...

That's some crazy album art. You're right, judging by M Ward's sound they probably are a ton better on vinyl, both by the way they sound and the way they make you feel...

Double Hawk said...

I love it when albums have a lot of 'stuff' with them, like something that folds out!

chalky said...

Ian - that sure is some crazy album art - I had a look around but couldn't find where it comes from.

Double Hawk - I know what you mean - this album had to broken into with scissors and then it opened out into three sections containing two records. Nice.

Cookiemouse said...

Cookiemouse thinks M Ward is cool, so thanks for the tip.

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