Friday, 13 March 2009

Friday Brain Dump

I've found it a little difficult to concentrate this week, possibly a result of slowly eating my way through this belated birthday cake, yum:

Anyway, here is a brain dump of some of the things I've been up to and I promise to stay away from sugary things next week.

I've been listening to Tom Brosseau's new album called 'Posthumous Success' which is out May 11th on Fat Cat Records and sounding good. Royksopp have their new album called 'Junior' streaming on their MySpace page. Some of the tracks such as 'The Girl and the Robot' have an almost club anthem appeal - watch out for them being played to death in clubs this Summer. The more laid back 'Royksopp Forever' is my favourite track at the moment and should sound awesome at The Royal Albert Hall gig next month. Full reviews of both albums coming up soon.

I've been rediscovering Department of Eagles who I have to say are pretty fantastic. You can get a good taste of their sound on LastFM.

I've been reminiscing with some Joni Mitchell, Beth Orton, Nirvana and Man or Astroman? and also indulged in a couple of Fun Loving Criminals tracks, just for the memorieeez OK?!

I've been trying to do my bit to hasten the end of the recession by booking a couple of concert tickets. I'm finally going to see M Ward, this time at the Shepherds Bush Empire in June, not as intimate a venue as The Borderline but hey, lets not be too choosy. Incidentally my lovely pregnant friend will be joining me for that one. She'll probably be approaching 'beach ball, weeble wobble' status by then but I'm sure the M Ward folksy crowd will be chilled out enough for her to be able to enjoy the evening. I mentioned I thought she should introduce her baby to good music at as young an age as possible, in the womb is as good a time as any I guess!

I've been smelling the sweet promise of Spring in the air. The almost intoxicating thought that Summer with all it's warmth and sunshine (hopefully) is on it's way has had me Spring cleaning like a crazy woman. So far I have taken 10 bags of "stuff" to the charity shop and have a couple of things for sale on ebay, not much interest being shown in them yet.

I'll leave you with this video from last night's Graham Norton show. It's basically some audience members dancing and I think it's quite entertaining. The first guy does a very energetic unexpected dance to the James Bond theme (at about 1 min in) and this is followed (at about 3 min 20) by a really cool little group dance to the Athlete song, 'Wires'. Athlete, if you are going to be making any music videos in the near future, you really should consider getting those guys involved, they are fantastic. If the subtitles are too annoying in this clip, here's a link to the full show on the BBC website.

Tomorrow, same time, same place.

Chalky xo

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