Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Live Review: Vetiver instore @ Pure Groove Records 29/02/09

Last Saturday Vetiver brought their lovely blend of sweet folksy music to Pure Groove Records in London to support the release of their new album 'Tight Knit'. Me and mine decided this would be a nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon, well actually more like I did and he came along because I asked him to and it was free.

We turned up early to get ourselves a little coffee (and cake which they didn't actually have but informed me they are going to start selling soon -yey!) and to take in the build up to the show, it's always fun to see the band members setting up right there in front of you.

Four o'clock came around and the shop had filled up with fifty plus people so the band took to the stage. Starting with one of their new songs called 'Everyday' they played several songs most of which I recognised off their new album thanks to it being streamed for free on LastFM a week or so ago.

All of the songs had quite a chilled out folksy feel, some sounded fantastic, a couple wavered precariously between laid back and horizontal but overall I though this was a good performance. I really like Andy Cabic's voice and the gorgeous harmonies they sing, it really is such a lovely sound.

(Slightly fuzzy photo by me: No brushes in this one but what a great hat)

I found it almost hypnotic watching the drummer's (who wears a fantastic hat - I love hats) brushes go round and round creating a mellow bluesy sound, I couldn't help but think how useful he would be in the kitchen if you needed a good stirrer. Ah gees, I need to get out more!

This was the fourth day of the UK tour which had taken them to Glasgow, Birmingham and Manchester on the previous nights. That night they were due to play The Cecil Sharp House in London.

All in all a very civilized and enjoyable afternoon in lovely comfortable surroundings, the audience was pretty sedate but maybe they were all hypnotised by the drummer's brushes as well. Who knows!

Anyway, thanks for another great free show Pure Groove, your shop looks great, you make great bands assessable to fans for free and I love the new cafe, and if you get some cake in I'll be an even happier girl if that's possible. You guys are doing great things for live music.

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