Friday, 20 February 2009

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Over the last few days my husband has been quite ill and I've been mostly sitting at his bedside at the local hospital waiting for him to get better. All a bit scary and not much sleep. I'm hoping he improves lots today, flat feels empty without him.



Cookiemouse said...

Sorry to hear that your husband is ill, Chalky. I hope he soon recovers.

chalky said...

Thanks Cookiemouse

Babee said...

Hi Chalky, I'm always around here and I felt really sad for the news you just posted. I hope your husband get well soon!

Cheers from Brazil.


chalky said...

Thanks Barbara, I'm happy to say he's now home as of yesterday and doing much better which makes me happy :-)

Chalky xo

Ian France said...

Sorry to hear about your husband, I hope he gets better. He's in my prayers.

chalky said...

Thanks Ian. He's home and so much better now which is such a relief!

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