Monday, 23 February 2009

M Ward interview and live performance now streaming on npr

The lovely people at npr have earned themselves yet another pat on the back. Not only have they been streaming M Ward's fantastic new album 'Hold Time' in it's entirety for over a month, they're now also streaming an interview and live performance M Ward did for npr on Feb 17th (the day his new album was released).

The interview provides some background info to the album, the cover art, collaborations etc and the songs are a mixture of new and old.

btw If anyone can help me out with a ticket to see M Ward play at The Borderline in London this Wednesday I would be very grateful.


Cookiemouse said...

I actually found this quite frustrating, as I'd posted the link to the original stream on FB and Twitter. All that babbling was boring. They should have stuck to the music.

chalky said...

I agree - I found the interview quite hard work to listen to.

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