Wednesday, 4 February 2009


You may have noticed there's been a distinct lack of concert reviews on this blog as of late. It's not that I don't want to go but more I've been wimping out of them because it's just been too cold and January-ish. I guess my behaviour in Winter time is comparable to that of a hedgehog going into hibernation but let it be known that is where the hedgehog comparison ends- I do still shave my legs in Winter which if you ask me does seem a little crazy because those hairs are there to keep your skin warm right?

I'm sure I'll emerge from my brief period of hibernation soon and I'll be back with my super sharp elbows poised ready to defend myself against those annoying girls who seem destined to push! push! push! even at the front of small folksy gigs. It's hardly grunge or punk, it's folk music! Chill out!! Snuffle, snuffle, grunt, grunt.


Ian France said...

I've been in hibernation mode too, not to mention sick. I'm finding it harder and harder to post as the winter goes on, and I'm so tired... fortunately Spring's on its way!

chalky said...

Spring can't come soon enough!

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