Monday, 12 January 2009

What's On In London This Week (Including Free Shows)

Here are a few of the gigs going on in London this week that caught my eye. This is by no means a definitive list of ALL gigs happening so please leave a comment if you think I've missed any worth knowing about.

Monday 12th January
The Leisure Society, The Cedars & Kiran and the Night Owls @ Bush Hall
Ora Cogan @ The Slaughtered Lamb
Animal Collective @ Koko's (SOLD OUT)
Ronnie Scott's All Stars (50 years of 'Kind of Blue', 50 years of Ronnie Scott's) @ Ronnie Scott's

Tuesday 13th January
Ben Weaver @ The Luminaire
Stanley Kubrick Goes Shopping @ Rough Trade East (FREE SHOW) 7pm
Banjo Or Freakout + A Grave With No Name @ Madame Jo Jo's
Ronnie Scott's All Stars (50 years of 'Kind of Blue', 50 years of Ronnie Scott's) @ Ronnie Scott's

Wednesday 14th January
The Bittersweets + Laura Critchley + Caroline Lost @ The Borderline
Ben Weaver @ Rough Trade East (FREE SHOW) 7.00pm
The Virgins @ Rough Trade East (FREE SHOW) 8.00pm
Ronnie Scott's All Stars (50 years of 'Kind of Blue', 50 years of Ronnie Scott's) @ Ronnie Scott's
Goldie Lookin Chain @ Metro

Thursday 15th January
Wet Paint @ Rough Trade East (FREE SHOW) 7.00pm

(In case any concerts have changed dates/ changed venues/ been cancelled or I've made a typo, you'd be wise to check out the venue websites before heading out the door because it's mighty cold and wet out there.)

Hypothetically speaking, I would be begging to get into the Animal Collective concert at Koko's tonight, stealing to get into Ronnie Scotts to hear amazingly talented musicians play tracks from the fantastic Kind of Blue by Miles Davis which is celebrating it's 50th year as is Ronnie Scotts and borrowing to get in for a second night at Ronnie Scotts for more Miles magic.

(Photo on Flickr by exquisitur)

So What - Miles Davis

When I was a penniless student I spent many a night sitting around in basement Jazz clubs with my friends, usually huddled round one little bowl of ice cream with five spoons enjoying the free music and the warmth. I made it to Ronnie Scotts once, saw the man himself perform, it was a really nice evening.


Anonymous said...

A Kind of Blue is a fantastic album! There's a great post about it at Presentation Zen where Garr Reynold talks a bit about how spontaneous the recording was. I wish i could get some tickets to the celebrations at Ronnie Scott's as well :-)

chalky said...

Thanks for the link, very interesting read - I didn't know that the group had never played those pieces prior to the recording of A Kind of Blue - that's truely awesome!

angkuguay said...

no worries chalky, I'm perfectly safe. Its just that I'm sick of blogging everyday and have decided to compile them all once my trip is completed! Would be back home in about 2 days. Kinda sad that I'd be heading back for the daily grind!

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