Thursday, 8 January 2009

There's no place like home

Over the last couple of days I've been mainly introducing myself to every letting agent in London in the hope that they might have a super nice well priced flat for us to rent. It's tough work especially in the Arctic conditions we're experiencing in London right now. The whole ordeal is getting more and more depressing with every stale smelling, paint peeling, dirty crumbling over priced hovel I view (seriously, London is a bad place to rent!) so it's always nice to hear some music from a person that always seems to make me smile, Londons very own Nick Mulvey.

Throw your shovel to the ground - Nick Mulvey

Nick also plays the hang for the Mercury music nominated instrumental group Portico Quartet.

Here are his MySpace details:

He'll be playing at the Proud Galleries in Camden on January 12th - check out his MySpace page for details.

This next video is not the best of quality but the song is great and Nick's guitar playing leaves me speechless! I saw him play for the first time in September last year and cannot recommend him enough.

Nick Mulvey - Lonely Moon - Live @ IKTOMS Unplugged 05-06-08


Kevin said...

It's so annoying that we didn;t get a better quality video of him that night... the crowd was about 70 people in that tiny upstairs room at Liberties Bar.

The song's still ace though :)

chalky said...

That's a lot of people in that tiny place! The guy is so talented.

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