Saturday, 3 January 2009

Tales of The Christmas Chocolate Tin

The remnants of our Christmas Chocolate Tin

This year my husband and I indulged in a family sized Christmas Chocolate Tin. It was initially bought for my husband to take into work, but temptation proved stronger than workplace camaraderie and once the tin was opened there was no going back.

Different homes have different strategies for approaching the chocolate tin - here's an idea of how it goes down in our flat.

At first the tin is overflowing. It's pretty easy to sneak into the living room when no one is there, take a chocolate and, if you hide the wrapper, no one suspects a thing. It takes a while to remember which colours are the good ones and which ones you should avoid since we only ever get one of these tins at Christmas time. As a result you end up with the occasional nasty one, with the occasional grimace instead of a grin - but eventually your perserverance is rewarded and the chocolate landscape is mapped out. At this stage it's usually worth putting a few of the ones you like in your secret stash, that way you won't be disappointed when you revisit the tin. Of course, this needs to be done with discretion to avoid letting your family onto what you're doing (remind me to make sure that the husband doesn't read this).

Soon the level of chocolates in the tin is visibly dropping pretty quickly but no one is really owning up to eating them. The suspicion begins. Then you reach into a pocket for change to pay for your newspaper at the local store and wrappers start falling out of your pockets - the shame! You reach for a tissue from your pocket and there goes another one.

The tin is now about half full. There follows a slow, quiet phase of tin raiding where you can't spot your favourite chocolates anymore so you start to get experimental with new colours again. Yuck! That one has coconut! That one's not chewy enough! How could an orange flavoured chocolate ever be a good idea? No matter, by this point it's become more of a task than an enjoyment, you need that sugar high your body has become used to and the sooner they're gone, the sooner you can begin your diet because hey, your love handles are starting to grow.

The penultimate stage is the cleaning up job. You know you won't like them but you just can't stop, they are chocolates after all! How bad can they taste? And then you get to the phase we're at (see the photo above) - the colours that beat us, the ones that taste so bad you just want the Chocolate Christmas tin experience to be over... you know I'll end up eating them though right?!

It's almost time to eat vegetables again and make an effort at being healthy. I honestly can't wait! :-) In order to connect this blog post to music, I leave you with the following video of a man who knows how to make veggies fun.

Big Broccoli Ocarina:Angels We Have Heard On High

So how do you eat yours?


Cookiemouse said...

I wish to state publicly that I am not responsible for the vanishing chocolates in our house over the Christmas period. Any wrappers found in my pocket were put there by the CIA. Merry Christmas! Shop early for 2009 Christmas bargains now. Love on ya, Chalky! Stumbled this post.

chalky said...

:-) Thanks Cookiemouse!

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