Friday, 30 January 2009


(Photo on Flickr by Peter Fuchs)

It's Friday and I'm brimming with excitement at the imminent arrival of my new speakers. My old ones have been on their way out for a while. On Tuesday while I was listening to Iron and Wine there was a sudden burst of static followed by this annoying buzz that sounded a bit like having an electric shaver permanently switched on and that was the end of my trusted companions of almost six years.

I've tried giving them a bash, shaking them and yes, reasoning with them (did I mention I have a Physics degree?) but they refused to fix themselves, honestly. Being as they weren't that good in the first place, (the sound they produced before they took up shaving was pretty awful) I decided I owe it too all those musicians who spend time tuning their instruments and agonizing over the pitch of their recordings to get a better pair.

So here I am, waiting for the postman to buzz our ultra loud doorbell and no matter how much I prepare myself for this I know it'll make me jump, it gets me every time! Darn bell!

While I remember, here are a few bits of news hot off the press:

**UPDATE** Alessi (Alessi's Ark) will be performing on Dermot O'Leary's show at 4:15pm on Saturday playing some songs and having a chat. Click here for details

Blissfields 2009 line up has been announced
Click here for the Blissfields website.
Tickets are on sale, click here.

Great acts like Mumford & Sons, Laura Marling and The Men They Couldn't Hang

Coachella 2009 line up has been announced
Click here for the Coachella Website
You can find ticket info here

Paul McCartney is head lining which to be honest doesn't fill me with glee. If I was actually going, my first pickings would be Beirut, M. Ward, Los Campensinos, Fleet Foxes, Ida Maria, My Bloody Valentine (pack ear protectors), Public Enemy, Groove Armada and Gaslight Anthem
and Dr Dog

Yellow Bird Project Elvis Perkins T-Shirt
Elvis Perkins and The fantastic Yellow Bird project have teamed together to design a t-shirt, profits going to the WWF, details here.

Bandstand Busking ALERT - THIS WEEKEND
If you find yourself in London this Sunday at about 1pm near Northampton Square Bandstand, Islington (EC1V) why not check out the latest Bandstand busks. This time its Esser and Speech Debelle.
For more details click here.


I have to add right now the actual likelihood of the speakers arriving is not looking great but saying that our postie does move at a snails pace and frequently delivers our post to the wrong address. Ah gees!


Cookiemouse said...

What would Dr Quantum say? Your speakers were in a super position until they collapsed. Maybe they might have carried on for a bit longer if they had grown a beard instead of shaving, but entropy catches up with us all sooner or later.

Ian France said...

Ha! Same with my postman, guaranteed to put at least something of our neighbors in our mailbox! Anyway, a Fleet Foxes/Beirut/Dr. Dog concert would be the equivalent to listening to angles in heaven sing. I've got to say though, you're pretty lucky you've got Paul McCartney coming around!

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