Thursday, 22 January 2009

Official SXSW Showcasing Bands - Lists and Lists Made of Lists! Oh.. and a Mumford & Sons gig announcement!

Rod Thomas plays a Living Room Concert for TLS

The SXSW website has posted a list of bands who will be showcasing at this years event (the list is subject to change and additions).

Here's a list I derived from the SXSW official list listing the bands announced so far that I would try to see if I were going; sadly I'm not because I'm not on their list so instead I'll just sit here and keep myself busy making lists from their lists.

Here's my list:

Au Revoir Simone - Beautiful voices and they designed a T-Shirt for the Yellow Bird Project (see here) so they're OK with me.
Andrew Bird - Great blogotheque videos.
Conil - My friend Joel plays in this band, they're very good.
Grizzly Bear - Daniel Rossen is a pretty talented man! Check out Department of Eagles as well.
Alessi's Ark - Alessi is a very talented sweet singer who helped me find a tube station once when I was a little lost coming back from seeing Department of Eagles. Have missed a few of her shows for various reasons beyond my control but will definitely be catching her live this year - just not at SXSW :(
Laura Marling - Amazingly strong voice, scarily young and talented.
Metronomy - Bright lights, dance routines, electronic, great live shows!
Mumford & Sons - **Here's a bit of news! - Check out this link for tickets to their ICA (London) show on March 4th going on sale tomorrow @ 10am (Friday 23rd Jan)- Alessi's Ark are the support - this will be an awesome gig!** They're also doing a free instore at Banquet records in Kingston, London the next day (March 5th), see this link, not much other info about this on the Banquet Records site yet.
Langhorne Slim - My favourite live show of 2008.
The Tallest Man on Earth - He's very tall... see the video at the end of this post! Yikes!
Rod Thomas - Rod played a Living Room Concert for TLS at the end of last year, amazing voice, very talented and lovely man.
Frank Turner - He's playing a whole host of free instores in and around London next week, check out this link for details.

I guess Soko has quit since the list was produced so won't be playing.

There are probably loads of other bands I would love to see on the list but I couldn't look at it any longer because it was starting to make me feel dizzy.

Who would you recommend seeing at SXSW this year and why?
Here's that list again!

The Tallest Man on Earth - It will Follow the Rain


Kevin Molloy said...

We had Alessi in the rockfeedback offices on Monday - she recorded an ace session for us, she's brilliant! Good call on these acts - I'm heading out to SXSW hopefully this year, so will try to catch them :)

chalky said...

She is good hey, I look forward to seeing the session she did for you guys. Is it going up soon?

If you happen upon a last minute spare ticket I can pack a bag in 2 minutes... :-)

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