Monday, 5 January 2009

Johnny Flynn & The Sussex Wit & Moving

Johnny Flynn live @ Cargo Dec 2008

Today I've been busy searching around for a new place to live. There's a bit of pressure to get this sorted since we only have just over three weeks left in our current flat so I've been searching online for available flats and then driving around with my camera taking photos of what the flats really look like, checking out the areas and then bringing my findings back to TLS HQ to discuss with the husband. Apparently it's a renters marker right now due to the economic problems so fingers crossed I'll be able to find a steal.

As a result I've not been able to dedicate much time to reading and researching for todays blog post but I would like to share with you a video of a guy who I saw play live at the very end of last year and who's voice and overall performance really left a lasting impression on me. His name is Johnny Flynn and his band is called the Sussex wit. They play a blend of bluegrass and folk and are really fun to watch live. I'll definitely be on the look out for tour dates to see him play again.

Here's a taster:

Johnny Flynn & The Sussex Wit - 'Eyeless In Holloway'

I'll write a more in depth post about Johnny once I've found a place to live which will hopefully be very soon! In the meantime here's a link to an interview he did with The Times.

If you'd like to hear more of his music you might like to check out his MySpace page which has 5 songs on the MySpace player plus there's a free download - bonus!

Incidentally it was Johnny Flynn who played the first ever Black Cab Session.


Double Hawk said...

Oh man, I love Johnny Flynn! His album was not too publicized, which is a shame. It was great!

chalky said...

That was a shame, he's one to watch out for this year...

Ian France said...

This is a great video, Johnny Flynn's awesome.

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