Monday, 22 December 2008

Notes from a very small island

We've escaped the bright lights of the city and headed out to see my folks who a few years back made the very cool decision to live on an island.

I love spending time here, there are miles of lovely beaches full of good skimming stones (a big hobby of mine), snow capped mountains to climb and country lane walks (if you're lucky you get to meet the farm animals who are poking their heads over the gates hoping for some food). As evening arrives, there are the most amazing sunsets that make me wish I could paint. Lots of painters choose to live on this island because of the especially soft light.

In the night time you get total pitch black darkness and an almost deafening silence (this makes you realise how much noise you are normally putting up with on a daily basis in London) and as a result I sometimes find falling asleep quite difficult for the first couple of nights. When this happened the other night I took the opportunity to check out the night sky. It was a clear night and without the background light pollution I actually managed to see part of the Milky Way very clearly. It made me feel very small.

With so much lovely scenery to take in and family to catch up with, I won't be spending as much time on this blog as usual over the next week or so but there will still be the occasional update. I hope you are getting the chance to take a break and relax as well.

Chalky xo


Cookiemouse said...

Wow, that sounds great! Have a lovely holiday and enjoy your stones. I'm doing a two week meditation retreat, but I'm still updating Twitter etc.

chalky said...

Thanks Cookiemouse,

Enjoy the meditation retreat.

Anonymous said...

I can't skim stones :( Have you seen the movie Amelie? She skims stones. It sounds very pretty where you are. I love seeing the stars. The sky is so fascinating! Hope you have a lovely Christmas with your family and I'm sure I'll see you out and about next year :)

chalky said...

Hey Anika,

I have seen Amelie, nice film- completely forgot about her skimming stones. I'm off to do some stone skimming in a minute :-)
Hope you have a lovely Christmas and I'm sure I'll see you out and about in the new year.

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