Wednesday, 17 December 2008

'Music Lives On The Internet' - Interview #10

Today I am pleased to be posting another 'Music Lives On The Internet' interview, the tenth in the series so far - woo hoo! An impressive amount of time has passed since the last interview so I am keen to get this feature back on track.

Todays featured blogger is Ian author of Ian is a keen music blogger, photographer and musician who lives in New York.

Name (or pseudonym for the shy)

Ian France

Blog Name: Danish Poet Blog

What is your blog about?
It's supposed to be about indie art and music, but right now I think it's more of just an indie music blog. At least it's leaning in that direction.

What started you blogging?
I used to love to take black and white photos (I still do) so I started a photo blog. After a while I began looking up indie music blogs and started getting really into them. Then I decided to start my own music blog, because I thought I might actually have something half decent to say. To my surprise, it all actually panned out.

First record you bought?
My first vinyl Led Zeppelin IV, by Led Zeppelin. Bought it at a garage sale for $1.00

I honestly can't remember the first CD I bought. I know one of the earliest CDs I got was probably Imagine, by John Lennon. Great stuff.

Last piece of music that got your heart racing?
Just recently I was listening to Nude (Holy F**k Remix). It's a remix of that Radiohead track, Nude, by Holy F**k.

Last gig that made you say "Wow"?
I don't get out as much as I'd like to. Probably when I saw Dustin O'Halloran at the Tilles Center (New York). Now THAT was powerful.

Where do you find out about new music?
I check out a lot of music blogs. Some of the main ones are Stereogum, GvsB, We Like It.Indie, Terrible Love Songs (of course) and a lot of other ones.

What would you like to see more of in the music world?
I would like to see more passion in a band's music. Just pure, indescribable passion, both lyrically and melodically. A couple of bands that would be good examples of this are Beirut, DeVotchka, and Eksi Ekso.

Favourite music venue?
The Bowery Ballroom, New York.

Favourite music store?
Generation Records in Greenwich Village, NYC. It's got great vinyl, CDs, posters, and t-shirts.

Which blogs do you read?
I listed the main blogs I read frequently above, but here are some other ones - The Middle Distance Runner, The Speed of Dark, Lines of Oration, Phase 02, Music for Robots, Big Stereo, I Guess I'm Floating,!tashed, Discobelle and Pretty Much Amazing.

What songs would you include on the soundtrack to your life?
I've actually thought about this question before. The first track would be Black Swan, by Thom Yorke (that would be my theme song), The Denial Twist, by The White Stripes, Oxford Comma, by Vampire Weekend, and Ready for the Floor, by Hot Chip.

In 10 years time music will be.... Either way more disco and heavy techno, or way more indie chill, like Beach House and Okkervil River.

If you could have 3 musicians over to your place, they would be... Banjo Or Freakout, Zach Condon, and Moby.

A big thanks to Ian for taking to the time out to take part in this interview. Be sure to check out his blog (

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If you write a music blog or contribute to the world of music in some way or form and fancy taking part in an interview, drop me an email with your contact details at tlsreview@ gmail dot com.

I'll be posting a review of last night's 'Fee Fie Foe Fum' Laura Marling and friends concert shortly, I'm struggling with a cold and my brain is working really slowly so bear with me!


Anonymous said...

another great interview Chalky!

I almost went to that record store in NY, but it was shut! It was such a hot day too, we couldn't be bothered to go back.

chalky said...

Thanks! :-)

At least that record store wasn't "shut shut" like a lot of the others have been in the last few years!

Cookiemouse said...

I also love b+w photography.

Anonymous said...

Ian France is a wealth of interesting knowledge. Thanks Chalky.

jeany. said...

I agree with his favourite venue. Although I fancy Irving Plaza in New York as well as the Mercury lounge. It is quite a shame that the Knitting Factory is closing and moving to Brooklyn but the rents are high. In the new year, a to let sign will be there..sigh.

Generation is a great record store.
Here are my favorites:
earwax- brooklyn
Soundfix - brooklyn
music matters & sound track pk slope- brooklyn
and kims, rebel rebel, bleeker street, other music are great ones inmanhattan as well..
its all fyi from a new yorker

Ian France said...

Thanks a lot for the opportunity Chalky! If you want to check out my B&W photo blog just go to

I stopped posting on it in October so I'd have more time for Danish Poet. I may start posting again though, maybe sometime next year.

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