Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Langhorne Slim does his laundry and I go wild!

Langhorne Slim @ The Borderline, London

OK perhaps a slightly misleading title, let me explain.

Like many of us I suffer from impossible hair. I have to spend loads of time blow drying and straightening it if I want it to look half decent. I really envy those people who can get out of bed, run a brush though theirs and then shoot out the door looking great, they have no idea how lucky they are! Yesterday I finally got fed up with my year long battle against the kinks and waves, tossed my straightening irons to the side and allowed my natural wild curly hair to take over once again and I instantly felt better. Sometimes you've just got to let your wild side out right?!

That's enough about my hair! On a musical note, I found some great videos of Langhorne Slim and The War Eagles on the Laundro Matinee site produced by myoldkentuckyblog. These guys know how to put on a fantastic sounding (and while we're on the theme) wild performance! I saw them play at The Borderline in London a few months back and it still stands out as one of my favourite gigs of this year. Here's a link to my review of the evening which incidentally Mr Langhorne Slim (Sean) also enjoyed reading which was a nice to know.

There are five videos in total- to check them all out try this link.

These are my two favourites:

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