Friday, 12 December 2008

Lail Arad - Who Am I?

There I was staring into my morning coffee pondering over what style of wig I should wear to tonights wig themed Christmas party and then I noticed I had received an email from Lail Arad with a link to her new video for 'Who am I'. What's the connection I hear you ask? Not only do Lail's sweet songs always make me smile, this video has some great wig ideas (and an awesome shiny table tennis table with matching bats!) I'm thinking the pink one at 1 min 3 secs...

Lail Arad - 'Who Am I'

If you'd like to know more about Lail, you might like to read the interview I did with her a couple of months back, here's the link.

Lail I think you're great and can't wait to catch one of your performances in 2009!

Here are some more Lail Arad videos.

'Winter' - Lail Arad

Lail Arad in Paris


Ian France said...

That's really cool how she sent you the video and all. The second one's my favorite :-)

chalky said...

Here's a video of Lail performing that second video 'Winter' on stage at the Forum at a Devendra Banhart concert :-)

As the guy who posted the video says:

"Sometimes, in the middle of the concert, Devendra asks somebody to come up and sing a song of their own.

In London, Lail Arad was the brave one to get on to the stage."

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