Thursday, 18 December 2008

The hat I got for Christmas is too big!

This morning during a moment of weakness I attacked my advent calender and well basically pretty much stripped it of all its chocolate. There are a couple of days left but I don't think they're going to be around for long. I'm not proud of myself.

This is our favourite Christmas song and I dedicate it to my husband whose tin of chocolates (the ones I got for him to take to work today but he forgot and are now sitting on the dinner table) are under immediate threat.

The Hat I Got For Christmas Is - Mel Blanc

Here's the link in case the imeem player doesn't load properly for you. The song is called The hat I got for Christmas is too big sung by Mel Blanc. My husband introduced me to this song a few years ago and now I can't go a Christmas without hearing it. Merry Christmas!


Husband said...

Thank you :-p

chalky said...


Cookiemouse said...

Hey! Can you send some of that chocolate this way?

chalky said...

Here you go!


Yum! :-P

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