Thursday, 27 November 2008

Women Instore @ Pure Groove 26/11/08

Women @ Pure Groove

Yesterday I saw Canadian band Women play a lunchtime instore at Pure Groove. I had heard a song of theirs called "Black Rice" and liked it and on the strength of that decided to give them a whirl.

Maybe it was the weather, the recession (can blame lots of things on that right?!) or people just plain old didn't know about the band, whatever it was the turn out was poor compared to other instores and I always feel bad for a band when this happens.

Women played their songs back to back which confused me a bit because I wasn't familiar with their material so didn't know when one song stopped and another started but hey, that doesn't really matter as long as you're enjoying it right? That's the thing, there were moments when they hit some great guitar frenzied grooves and my brain felt musically excited (I noticed other heads nodding in approval). "Black Rice" in particular sounded great and I really enjoyed their thick powerful bass sound but as an overall performance I left the store unconvinced (and slightly deaf - note to self - really must get some ear plugs.) Some very good moments, just wished they had lasted longer.

Pure Groove:


Cookiemouse said...

Those women look like guys!

Ian France said...

Women's actually a really great band - bummer the turn out wasn't bigger.

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