Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Single Review: Roses Kings Castles - "Horses"

Roses Kings Castles - "Horses" Release date December 15th

Roses Kings Castles is basically Adam Ficek more commonly known to you and I as the drummer from Babyshambles. In his own words the song is about "the many wintry things I dream about in the months running up to Christmas" so not really anything to do with horses.

Christmas is indeed the first thing I thought of when I heard the bells and keyboards at the beginning of the song and with a December release date maybe this is the alternative to an X-factor Christmas chart topper?

"Horses" is a jolly-ish indie folk pop song. Adam's soft but subtle vocals work well in creating a sweet melodic low-fi pop sound with the occasional burst of harmonica providing a folksy edge.

Line from the song: "Walking in strong winds avoiding everyone, ten miles from home"

Adam Ficek's Blog:

Here is a video for you get to get a feel for the song and there are plenty more on the Roses Kings Castles MySpace site.

Roses Kings Castles - "Horses" (without the Christmas bells)

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