Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Fleet Foxes Take Away Show

The Fleet Foxes have been given the Blogotheque Take Away treatment and the results are quite superb.

They sing "Sun Giant","Blue Ridge Mountains" and "White Winter Hymnal"

There is a lot of information about how they did the shoot on the Blogotheque website here

And here is the link to another inspired video shot of the Fleet Foxes by Blogotheque back in February of this year before they released their debut album, before many of us knew who they were.

Both of these videos are truly awesome.

Fleet Foxes Myspace


Arnold Layne said...

What a great video - the sound quality's amazing. I also like the film quality, but their voices are just flat out brilliant.

chalky said...

I agree, Blogotheque are doing a fantastic job with their take away shows and yes, it does also help if you have a great band to film and the Fleet Foxes do ace those harmonies

Cookiemouse said...

Those harmonies are amazing!

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