Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Dengue Fever on Later with Jools Holland TONIGHT!

Dengue Fever

Just a little reminder the fabulous Dengue Fever are playing on the Later with Jools Holland show tonight at 10pm on BBC 2. They play an interesting mix of psychedelic Cambodian Rock.

Here's the link

If you've never heard of Dengue Fever before, here are some of the posts I've written about them:


**UPDATE: Here is a link to my review of Dengue Fever @ The ICA on 20th Nov 2008**


Arnold Layne said...

I listened to some of their stuff on myspace, and they're pretty good. Thanks for the tip, hopefully I'll have time to watch them on Later w/ Jools.

chalky said...

Thanks for dropping by!

They've got some good songs on Venus On Earth, going to see the next week at the London ICA, looking forward to it.

Learn and Master Guitar said...

I'm very aware of Dengue because my cousin was hospitalized because of Dengue that's why whenever I watch a concert or gig, I always put an anti-mosquito repellant just to stay away from that deadly bites.

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