Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Yeasayer on Pitchfork TV

Many a music bloggers favourite Yeasayer have been given the Pitchfork TV "Don't Look Down" treatment.

They sing the following songs from a very cold looking Brooklyn rooftop.

1: 2080
2: No Need To Worry
3: Wait For The Wintertime
4: Final Path
5: Sunrise

Is it me or does the singer Chris Keating seems to change his hairstyle pretty frequently?
I read this interesting interview with Yeasayer with info about their follow up album although it looks like we might have to wait until next Summer to hear it.

If you like this video, I can highly recommend the Take Away show they did a while back, here's the link

Yeasayer - 2080

And here are the direct links to the other songs from this Pitchfork TV performance in case you do not get forwarded there from the video embedded on this page.

No Need To Worry
Wait For The Wintertime
Final Path

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