Monday, 13 October 2008

Mumford & Sons - Black Cab Session

Mumford & Sons got together in December 2007 through a shared love of bluegrass, country and folk. Marcus Mumford who is the singer/guitarist in Mumford & Sons also plays drums for Laura Marling's band. Small world? Nah, these guys happen to be friends not only with the likes of Laura Marling but with Noah and the Whale and also it seems with the folk explosion taking on the world of indie music right now.

Fresh from their North American tour with Laura Marling and Johnny Flynn, Mumford & Sons are now embarking on a tour of the UK.

Mumford & Sons' debut EP was released by Chess Club in early June and if you sign up to you can get yourself a free copy of the EP and and an exclusive bonus track for free via this link:

Here is a great Black Cab Session they performed at the very muddy Green Man Festival in Wales a couple of months ago. The bloke at the beginning is speaking in Welsh which is a language TLS is very familiar with.

Mumford & Sons - Sister

UK Tour Dates

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