Friday, 10 October 2008

Meanwhile on 7th Avenue South - A detour from the norm...

Several giant rat paintings have appeared on the walls of streets in lower Manhattan. Meanwhile over on 7th Avenue South, a sign saying ‘open for business’ is set up on the pavement outside a pet shop by a middle age man in overalls. “Fancy buying a new fish?” says the elderly gentleman to his wife, “Yes dear” she answers “lets take a look in side and see what they have on offer”. They enter the shop but something feels odd about the place. The old lady has forgotten her glasses and her husband Earl hasn’t fully woken up from the sleeping tablet he had to take the night before.

I’d love a goldfish!” she exclaimed, “these ones over here look just right”:

Lets ask the guy over there for some help, he doesn’t seem to busy. Squuzz mee young man, we would like to buy a goldfish. Can you hear me? I said I would like to buy a goldfish.

He ain’t sayin’ anythin Earl, young people are so rude. He’s just like that guy who works in McDonalds, never anything nice to say, never says nothin at all.”

"That guy in McDonalds"

I wrote this very short fictional story following the news that guerrilla graffiti artist Banksy has opened an art installation in New York called The Village Pet Store and Charcoal Grill.

The exhibition contains swimming fish sticks, self-dipping chicken nuggets and a makeup-wearing robo-rabbit amongst other crazy creations all on show in a fake pet store with a real shop front in Manhattan.

Before the New York Times revealed the shop as artwork, it had already attracted genuine customers (actually looking for a new pet!) last weekend who were sent away by workmen declaring the shop was not quite ready for business. There was no opening party.

Banksy is quoted as saying "I wanted to make art that questioned our relationship with animals and the ethics and sustainability of factory farming but it ended up as chicken nuggets singing."

This is the first time he has used animatronics in his art and the results are pretty amazing. Check out his YouTube channel to see more videos of the installation.

You can find this exhibition at No. 89 Seventh Avenue South, Greenwich Village, New York. It's not a pet shop!

Open 10am -12am daily until October 31st.
(also viewable at night)

Back to my usual music ramblings in the next blog I promise!

[Source: The Independent]

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