Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Giving it 100%

I'm looking out of my window and typing at the same time, a skill that to my annoyance a lady who I used to sit opposite in work demonstrated regularly. She had this uncanny knack of being able to engage fully in a conversation and yet be typing about something completely different at the same time. Sometimes when she was chatting her eyes would glaze over and I would wonder what was going on in her head but then I'd receive an email from her and realised her brain must been working in a similar style to Windows Task Manager, shutting down her eye function for a moment because she had too many processes running and her CPU was at 100% usage (gees sometimes I'm a complete nerd!).

I've been trying to multi task on a couple of projects over the last few days, have failed miserably and thought I should take a few moments out to let you know what's going on. I'm currently up to my armpits in Joomla! installations trying to find out about all the good stuff it can do and also all the stuff it won't let me do (I have about two strands of hair left and my computer in running like a dog). I'm hoping I can craft a much more interactive website for Terrible Love Songs in time for it's first year anniversary. Given my success so far, I wouldn't hold your breath.

On a musical note, I am off to a very interesting concert tonight which I of course will write a full report on so stay tuned.

So that's all from me for now, I'll leave you with a fun cover of 'Summertime' by Devendra Banhart in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco at the 2008 Outside Lands Festival. Enjoy.

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