Thursday, 23 October 2008

Giovanni Sollima - The man with 6 hands!

Yesterday Cookiemouse blogged about Giovanni Sollima, a brilliant cellist who is a master of every genre, from early music to the most modern and exotic.

I was drawn in particular to the most amazing piece of video footage I've seen in a while.

Video director Lasse Gjertsen writes,
"In the six arms part, which by the way took most of the time to make, I filmed Sollima playing the different layers of cello after each other. I then edited the video frame by frame in Photoshop (remember, it's 25 frames per second of video), cutting his arms out from the other layers and pasting it on top, matching the movement of the cello. This was done ca 4000 times, by myself.
The clouds were actually filmed in my backyard, sped up 1250 times. The birds were filmed in my town, Larvik, Norway on clear blue sky, so that I could use blue screen keying to put them on top of the clouds. It's hard to notice, but the birds are moving in half speed slow motion. I also had to stabilize the motion of the birds, since I filmed it with a handheld camcorder. The sequence was cut together using After Effects and Premiere."

Here's the result:

Thanks for bringing Giovanni Sollima to my attention Cookiemouse, I'm now a fan as well!

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Cookiemouse said...

Thanks for the link. Sollima is a superb cello player.

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