Tuesday, 30 September 2008

What do Joy Division and The Sopranos have in common?

Last night I watched episode 2 of the last series of The Sopranos (If you haven't seen it and plan to watch it, I'm not going to write any spoilers.) As the episode came to an end I heard a strange but very familiar sound, sort of like a 'plucked chicken didgeridoo sound' getting louder and louder. I said to myself, nah, it couldn't possibly be... and then there it was, my ears weren't deceiving me. It was the impossibly thin John Cooper Clarkes' 'Evidently Chickentown'.

How did a JCC song make its way onto The Sopranos? What a great choice!

So what do Joy Division and The Sopranos have in common?
The answer as you might have guessed by now is John Cooper Clarke.

John Cooper Clarke reads a version of 'Evidently Chickentown' at the beginning and end of the video for Joy Divisions' 1979 single 'Transmission' whilst coming down the escalators and then walking in the Manchester Arndale Centre.

Joy Division - Transmission

A long time ago, I used to live in a 'chicken town' but I'll save that story for another time.

Evidently Chickentown - John Cooper Clarke


Cookiemouse said...

Reading this post I realized how dyslexic I really am, as you reminded me that I can never spell didgeridoo correctly. I will need to soon, as the didge is a big part of our concert on October 15 in MLK. I was actually born in Chester, so does that make me almost a gog? However most of my childhood was spent within spitting distance of the River Taff. Joy Division are one of my very favourite bands, by the way.

chalky said...

You're a'goff' (mixture of a gog and a taff) :-)

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