Thursday, 25 September 2008

The Walking Man - Dancing

Fabba Macca (Sir Paul McCartney) is preparing to bring "a message of peace and love" to the Middle East during his first concert ever in Israel today. This got me thinking, how many bands do I know from the Middle East? I was struggling to think of any and then I found this guy, The Walking Man.

According to his MySpace profile, he was born in Mexico, raised in a British school and lives in Tel Aviv.

This guy loves his booze and celebrates it in a song I could imagine being played in drink fueled student union bars late at night called 'Dancing'.

He describes his music "as someone crying for help".

His voice reminds me of a mix somewhere between the Crash Test Dummies, Talking Heads and Baz Lurhmann.

The colourful and excellently animated video (although the beer at 2mins 17 in does look like sewage) for 'Dancing' just won ASIFA Festival Tel Aviv 2008 Music Video Category. Here it is:

The Walking Man -Dancing

The Walking Man is yet to be signed.

Lets raise a glass to The Walking Man.

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