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'Music Lives On The Internet' - Interview #6

Fast on the heels on Interview #5 of the Terrible Love Songs 'Music Lives On The Internet' series, I'm pleased to introduce our next interviewee, Julie from

For those of you who haven't read one of these before, this is a regular slot where I interview fellow music bloggers/lovers to give you the reader a chance to hear about new bands, good music blogs, great venues and their views on the music business.

Name (or pseudonym for the shy):

Blog Name: Obsessive Compulsive Music Disorder (

What is your blog about?
The discovery of quality indie music and music-related technology. I love finding new devices and technology that helps me both automate and fuel my OCMD state of mind. I'm also fascinated by how technology is transforming the music industry. Everything is changing and there's never been a better time to be a music fan.

What started you blogging?
I love music. I'm a self-confessed addict. But my initial reason for starting this blog was to get my husband off my back and keep me out of trouble, quite frankly. I mean, how much live music in a week is reasonable when you're a 'Mom'? It's a question we still debate to this day and is under constant negotiation. So starting this blog legitimized my obsession in a way that allowed me to dive headlong (and guilt-free) into all facets of it.

Having blogged for a while now, I truly love the camaraderie and new relationships I've built with artists, bloggers and music lovers from around the world. So fun!

First record you bought?
Jackson Browne, Running On Empty. (Yes, I am a child of the 80s.)

Last piece of music that got your heart racing?
Lackthereof, 'The Columbia'
Sam Champion, 'Jealous Shakes'

Last gig that made you say "Wow"?
I saw Radiohead a couple of times this summer and that is always 'Wow'.
Also, The Helio Sequence at The Independent and Bon Iver at The Independent.

Where do you find out about new music?
See my blog roll below.

What would you like to see more of in the music world?
More support for independent radio stations. Unfortunately organizations like the RIAA are making it impossible for independent internet radio stations to exist. It's ridiculous.

Favourite music venue?
The Independent in San Francisco. Hands down the best venue in town right now.

Favourite music store?
Physical Music Store: Amoeba in San Francisco. It's an institution now.
Virtual Music Stores: eMusic and Rhapsody

Which blogs do you read?
I find I'm most musically aligned with Dodge of My Old Kentucky Blog. Other daily reads for me include:

See What You Hear
The Bay Bridged

I also live an breathe by Internet Radio including:

Sirius Satellite's Left of Center (Channel 26) - their Blog Radio spots are fabulous.

What songs would you include on the soundtrack to your life?
Funny you should ask that because I recently started a category on my blog called, Soundtrack of My Life. I often fantasize that if my life were a movie it would have the best soundtrack ever. I guess I'm a bit Mary Katherine Gallagher in the sense that I think my feelings would often be best expressed by some melodramatic song.

So, in no particular order, here are the last few songs I blogged about as the Soundtrack of My Life. You can see the stories behind them here:

1. Jim Noir - 'Don't You Worry'
2. Koushik - 'Lying in the Sun'
3. Beck - 'Gamma Ray'
4. Rodriguez - 'Sugar Man'
5. Heartless Bastards - 'Blue Day'
6. Lackthereof - 'The Columbia'
7. Vampire Weekend - 'A Punk'

In 10 years time music will be....
marketed directly to fans. Labels will fall by the wayside and artists will cultivate relationships and value-added subscription models directly with their fan base. I'm excited by the emergence of technology like Topspin that's already making that happen.
If you could have 3 musicians over to your place, they would be...

Devendra Banhart because he's so sexy.
Beck because there seems to be a fine line between brilliance and asshole I need to figure out.
Juana Molina because I love the way she interprets sounds and creates music. She's very cerebral about it.

Well I'm all linked out now! Those great blog suggestions should keep you busy for a while but please remember to come back here sometimes!

A big THANK YOU to Julie for taking part. Be sure to check out her blog

Right, who's next?

If you are interested in taking part in a 'Music Lives On The Internet' interview, drop me an email at tlsreview@ gmail dot com.

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