Monday, 22 September 2008

Music Bloggers Need Holidays As Well

Terrible Love Songs has been experiencing the great outdoors breathing in fresh air, eating beans out of a tin and sleeping on a very hard floor. In one word, camping.

Mr TLS and I decided on a short holiday in North Devon. If you're British, you might think we are mad in even considering camping in the UK given the Summer we've just had, but somehow Mr and Mrs TLS became the luckiest sun chasers the UK has ever known and had the only 4 days of clear skies North Devon has seen the WHOLE Summer long. Nice.

Despite an ebay con of a tent (doors missings, material sown together where it shouldn't have been), we dined like kings on fresh bbq'd fish, hiked for miles along costal paths and very steep hills, surfed, drank cider (der), ran into a scooter convention full of skinheads with standard issue short jeans, bomber jackets (even though it was a very hot day) and we burnt our noses (something we're now showing off like it looks good). We got back in time to beat the weekend traffic and saw a lot of over heated scooters at the side of the motorway making their way back to London (those bikes aren't built for that kind of travel are they?!). Once back, we speedily settled back into our home comforts enjoying an episode of The Sopranos and central heating.

Now that I have had a Summer holiday I can finally admit that I can smell Autumn in the air. The leaves have begun to fall and the nights are closing in. No more camping until next year but this music blogger has finally had a holiday and feels relaxed and ready to accept the season change with a smile and fond memories.

Chalky xo

P.S. Here are a few photos from our holiday and some music that comes a little bit close in summing up a moment sitting on a grassy slope watching the most amazing sunset over the glistening silver sea.

PINK FLOYD ~ Eclipse - Pink Floyd

View of the sunset from our campsite

Mortehoe Shellfish- These guys have been running their fish shop and restaurant since the early 70's -very good fish for the bbq :-P

Wedding rings taped up ready for a surf-we're not losing them this time!

Autumn is in the air


Cookiemouse said...

Sounds lovely. The west country is fantastic for walking. We used to go camping in Cornwall a lot in "the old days." Glad you had a good time and nice weather.

chalky said...

Thanks Cookiemouse.

I still reckon we are the luckiest campers alive with the weather. Couldn't have been better.
I almost got my husband down to Cornwall for 'talk like a pirate day' but we decided we didn't want to sit in the car on such a beautiful day so said a few arrrrghs on the steep climbs during a trek we did instead.

Any thoughts on when you're off to India?

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