Monday, 15 September 2008

Mr Scruff -New Single, New Video

Mr Scruff (aka Andy Carthy) has created yet another great new mellow jazzy track and it's released today on Ninja Tune Records.

The song is called 'Music Takes Me Up' and the video features Brightonian Alice Russell as a singing lemon and a motley assortment of fruit causing havoc on the streets of Stockport.

I'm not only a fan of Mr Scruff's music but I'm also a recent fruit salad convert and really wish I could shop in Mr Scruff's fruit and veg shop where melons seem to only cost 5p!

Supa Dupa!

Mr. Scruff 'Music Takes Me Up feat. Alice Russell'

More Mr Scruff Info:


Ninja Tune Records:

Tour Dates:

19 Sep 2008 22:00 Stiff Kitten Belfast, Northern Ireland
20 Sep 2008 21:30 The Nerve Centre Derry, Northern Ireland
3 Oct 2008 22:00 Concorde 2 Brighton, South
4 Oct 2008 22:00 Keep It Unreal Manchester, Northwest


Cookiemouse said...

I just love Mr. Scruff, and that's a great new track.

chalky said...

He's pretty darn good cookiemouse!

Cookiemouse said...

I've linked to this post as the video has a nice music/food crossover feel to it. Just love the lemon.

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