Monday, 22 September 2008

Brian Wilson gets the Black Cab Treatment

Brian Wilson has done a Black Cab Session. This is very exciting news!

Fresh from the surf last weekend, tan now washed off thanks to the chlorine in the local swimming pool I'm about ready to hear some soothing Californian harmonies and cast my mind back to Woolacombe bay (kinda the British equivalent of California). Music, thoughts and a smile can take you anywhere! I digress...

Here's Brian Wilson and his mates singing 'That Lucky Old Sun' and then to top it off, a quick rendition of 'California Girls'.

I love this Black Cab session, thanks Black Cabbies, this is your best session yet.

Brian Wilson

2 comments: said...

If you like Wilson, you should check this out:

Unreleased Wilson production. Bizarre ass spoken word from the 1960s. This is strange strange stuff, but maybe you uber BB-heads will dig it.

Just letting you know.

chalky said...


I'm sure some uber-BB heads will dig it!



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