Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Saturday Round Up on a Tuesday

In the music world we have four seasons, Autumn (Fall), Winter, Spring and the Music Festival season and while music bloggers are busy cramming their blogs full with as many festival photos and reviews as your Internet connection can manage you may have noticed that my blog is particularly sparse in this department. There is a reason for this, I don’t like festival toilets and no amount of quality music will convince me otherwise. Yes I am not ashamed to admit I am a 'toilet purist' and even though I have been known to use a hole in the ground in a tent in the Peruvian Andes with llamas and cows making suspicious noises outside, I still can’t bring myself to share festival toilets with thousands of wrecked people. So instead I go to music evenings in London pubs and venues and even though some of their toilets can be a little undesirable, they're never as bad as festival toilets (although admittedly nothing with ever be as bad as CBGB’s in it’s ‘Gabba Gabba hey day').

Last Thursday I went to The Star in North London (their toilets are fine btw) to check out new unsigned bands at the eARmusic showcase. An enormously enjoyable evening, check out my review here.

On Tuesday I shared my list of Alternative Songs for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

On Thursday using a simple little experiment I asked you if you could 'hear the dots'?

And amongst the hundreds of thousands of videos uploaded to the Internet during the last week, here are a couple I have noted:

Fleet Foxes recent performance of 'Blue Ridge Mountains' on Letterman

and Cut Copy on Pitchfork TV Live @ Studio B
Best track –So Haunted

Bands I’ve Been Listening To:

Cut Copy
Stuntman 5
Off Ground Touch
Kal Lavelle
Dan Whitehouse

In The News:

Dubstep act Burial revealed himself to be a “lowkey” South Londoner going by the name of Will Bevan who “just wants to make some tunes”. Strangely enough, The Sun newspaper just wouldn’t seem to leave him alone.

Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand has apparently become a rapper. According to NME, here are some of his lyrics:
"This is Rio Ferdinand/Make sure you don't sleep on Nia Jai, White Chalk's first signing/This girl spits out fire"

Don’t worry Noel, I’m sure he’ll never make it to Glastonbury!

The Guardian reported that Woody Allen has finally begun work on his long-promised opera, a collaboration with The Exorcist director William Friedkin.

A Cher fan had his stereo destroyed.

And sadly, Soul Icon Isaac Hayes died at the age of 65.

Final Thought

As Wales celebrates it’s first gold Olympic medal since 1972, spare a thought these guys:

And with the recent news that an invisibility cloak will soon be within our grasp I direct you back to the beginning of this post and provide you with another reason why I won’t be using toilets at music festivals in the near future, there might be a cloaked My Chemical Romance fan lurking in there (please don't protest outside my house!).

Be well,


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