Monday, 4 August 2008

Saturday Round Up on a Monday

It’s been a busy week of socialising and I really should be sleeping right now but I wanted to take this opportunity while everyone else in the flat is catching up on their zeds to bring you up to date with my weekly round up.

On Wednesday I introduced you to the wonderful Rod Thomas, 'the Welsh Wizard’.
You might have caught Rod playing at the Innocent Festival in Regents Park yesterday.
His music is often described as “folk disco to make people dance, smile, laugh and occasionally think a little bit.” There will hopefully be more very exciting Rod news to announce here shortly so stay posted.

On Thursday, The Cool Kids received the Black Cab Session treatment and free styled their way around the back streets of London.
Incidentally, their new album ‘The Bake Sale’ (released today) is Rough Trade’s album of the week.

Me and a few friends took part in another Pub Quiz and shocked ourselves with a second place score. Here are the Questions and Answers.

In the News:

NME reported Radiohead fans preferred to download 'illegal' versions of 'In Rainbows'.

Cadbury’s announced the return of their Wispa Bar –Hooray!

What I’ve been listening to:

Daniel Johnston
Dr. Dog
Rod Thomas
The Heart Strings

Websites worth a mention:

Coppertree Records is a record label that only releases vinyl. This site caught my eye because they are releasing 1000 units (that’s worldwide) of the never previously available on vinyl Daniel Johnston album ‘Fear Yourself’. For more details click here.

The British political blog Harry’s Place has recently branched out into the Art world. Features include Junkbox Jury where they rummage through sale bins to find records to fill the criteria of being under £1, the purchaser must never have heard of the artist before, the artwork and packaging must look nice and the name of the band, or the album sounds intriguing etc. Then you as the reader are encouraged to vote for your favourite out of the selection on offer. You get the general idea! Good fun.

This site takes photos off the Internet, cuts them in half and then flips the image to make for some really strange photos. Try typing in the names of a few singers and you'll see what I mean.

Final Thoughts

As the UK Summer reaches full swing and the rain just keeps on lashing down, I take back last weeks advice of always wearing sunscreen and advise you to always carry an umbrella instead. Yesterday I sat on a wet seat for four or so hours watching my first ever big football game, Arsenal vs Real Madrid at the Emirates stadium. I did Mexican waves, shouted a bit and tried to sing along with the football chants not really knowing what they were saying and most of the time believe me, that was probably for the best! Despite the rain, it was a really fun afternoon.

Real Madrid Warm Up Before Yesterday's Game - Why didn’t anyone tell me you had to dress up in a super hero costume to go to the football?

Be well,


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Cookiemouse said...

Sounds like you had a busy week.

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