Tuesday, 26 August 2008

'Rate Your Feelings from 1 to 8' - Stuntman 5

Are you looking for a new band to listen to? Try Stuntman 5.

Hailing from Paris I can’t honestly tell you much about this band because there doesn’t seem to be much information out there about them but I certainly think their single ‘Rate Your Feelings’ from their new album ‘Akolabuzi’ (released yesterday) is well worth a listen to.

This heavy dancy number is a mixture of Daft Punk meets New Order meets Hot Chip and has a slight dance anthem euphoric appeal. I'm sure this track will receive the 12" treatment but as it stands, it's just the right length for radio play (which I hope they get lots of.)

This single is not typical of the other songs I’ve heard on their MySpace page, some of their other tracks are a bit moodier and more guitar based sounding similar to a mixture of My Bloody Valentine, Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr.

There are some free mp3 downloads on their MySpace page

Rate Your Feelings mp3

Looking forward to hearing the whole album.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Nice song!
I really see the Hot Chip comparison...

And about the interview, sure I'm down! drop me a line...


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