Friday, 1 August 2008

Pub Quiz Questions

Following on from the success of last weeks Pub Quiz, myself and a few friends decided to try our hand at another quiz but this time in a different pub.
As the pub filled out, we began to grow suspicious of the pretty serious looking pub quizzers who were arriving in drones -were they on the pub quiz circuit? Does such a thing even exist? Were we out of our depth?

The beer flowed, the questions got blurry but we stuck with it seduced by the board at the side of the bar that read '£200 Quiz Jackpot!'. Could this be our lucky night?

Finally the points were totaled up and thinking we would surely be at the bottom of the leader board, we came a surprising second place! What did we win? A £10 beer voucher to be spent in that pub - not quite what we thought we'd get considering it cost £8 to enter in the first place but hey, second place is still pretty good! Incidentally, I'm almost certain first prize wasn't £2oo but a voucher for more beer... Hmmm

Still, a great night.

Here are some of the questions:

(And yes you are on the Internet right now so it would be really easy to look up the answers but where's the fun in that?!)

I'll post the answers tomorrow-if you can't wait that long - send your answers to tlsreview@gmail dot com


1) What are the colours of the five Olympic rings?

2) Barbie had Ken but who was Sindy’s boyfriend?

3) Who invented the words ‘hobnob’, ‘swagger’ and ‘madcap’?

4) What would a German do with a ‘handy’?

5) What is the collective noun for a group of goldfish?

a) A Troubling
b) A Bloat
c) A Dole

6) How long does it take for a swallowed piece of chewing gum to pass through the human digestive system?

7) How wide is a gymnastic beam in inches?

8) Which name for a type of music did William Burroughs make use of in his novel “The Soft Machine”, helping establish it in popular culture?

9) What word means “empty orchestra” in Japanese?

10) Which word used in the English language translates to “noisy ghost” in German?

11) Which novel featured the characters 'Jim', 'Dab Dab' and 'Push me pull you'?

12) What 1946 film is set in RBedford Falls?

Good Luck!


The answers are out, here's a link.

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Cookiemouse said...

Mine's a pint of dark!

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