Thursday, 17 July 2008

Three Songs To Shake The Blues?

I’ve been feeling a little of the 'it’s summer so where’s the sunshine?' blues over the last couple of days. Today I want to shake this feeling so I decided to try out a little experiment (you know I like experiments). I’m going to find some songs on YouTube, watch and listen and then let you know how they made me feel. You can join in as well with suggestions or how the songs made you feel.

I’m starting with the forever cheerful Manu Chao and his happy track in which he talks about what he gustas:

Manu Chao -Me Gusta Tu

My reaction:

I cracked a smile and swayed a bit. I like his jumper in the video and it reminds me of my travels in South America. I like seeing happy men dancing.
Me gusta ma lasagne!

Next up, maybe I need more energy, lets try Spiderbait's version of Black Betty

Spiderbait - Black Betty

My reaction:

My head rocked a bit but got fed up with the same lyrics by the end of the song.

Cup of tea break.

What can I follow Spiderbait with? Well there was this one track in the 80’s which I used to enjoy dancing around to:

Fame - Irena Cara

My reaction:

How can men wearing shorts over jogging pants while wearing leg warmers not cheer me up? Yes this was good but I got fed up of the guy with the crazy throat problem shouting about his son Bruno.

That’s my son bruno, he runs the music, 46th street! Ya ha ha ha!

To be honest with you, none of these songs have really worked for me, in the end it was my husband’s impromptu performance of Chiquita Banana that did the trick. I searched around for a video to share with you in case you have the ‘lack of summer blues’ too and this is what I found:

You just never know what’s going to make you smile some days!

And in case you’re not sure what happy or sad (mad) looks like, this kid will let you know:

1 comment:

Cookiemouse said...

Fun idea. Think I'll join you on this one. I'm on holiday with plenty of time and beer for a week, but the weather is lousy bring on the blues!

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