Monday, 14 July 2008

Saturday on a Monday Catch Up

The last week has been full of highs and lows. On Saturday the fabulous Makepeace Brothers were the latest band to be given the Terrible Love Songs Living Room Concert (LRC) treatment and what a fabulous night it was. I’ll post a full review with videos and photos shortly. The lows were mostly surrounding electronic equipment again. Our cheap freeview digital television receiver box packed up and reminded us to buy a more expensive one next time. Add to that a faulty laptop and a few blown light bulbs and I’m beginning to think I might be electrically charged after the lightening storm that hovered for hours over London during last week.

On Wednesday I stumbled across Improv Everywheres latest mission to fill a subway car with identical twins, creating a human mirror. Here’s the link to the video.

On Thursday we looked at the top Chalky recommended homemade instruments to form a band. Since I posted this article I have been contacted by the Instructables website who have now set up a community on their website called Top Homemade Instruments to Form Your Own Band. DIYtastic! Why not try it out and send me your results?

(Instructables is currently running a competition to invent a sport - very cool!)

In The News:

  • Snoop Dogg has recorded a new version of Johnny Cash’s classic ‘I Walk The Line’ for the, soon to be released, Johnny Cash Remix album. The album is being produced with the approval of the Cash family under the guidance of John’s son John Carter Cash. The album, ‘Johnny Cash Remixed’, is based on the original Sun Sessions recordings and will be released in October. Slightly horrified by this news, I checked out Snoop Dogg’s MySpace page to see if there were any snippets of what such an album might sound like and found a song called My Medicine (not off this new album). I was surprised by how well his voice suited country-style music. I particularly like the line “The more medicated, the more dedicated”.
The track listing for Johnny Cash Remixed is as follows:

I Walk The Line (featuring Snoop Dogg) (QDT (Snoop Dogg, Teddy Riley and DJ Quik))
Country Boy (Sonny J)
Get Rhythm (Philip Steir)
Leave that Junk Alone (Alabama 3)
Folsom Prison Blues (Pete Rock)
Hey Porter (Mocean Worker)
Sugartime (Kennedy)
Trail to Mexico (Mexican Industry of Sound/MIS)
Doin` My Time (The Heavy)
Wide Open Road (Count de Money)

  • Olive Riley, the oldest blogger known to the world sadly passed away on July 12th. She was 108 years old. Her final days were spent at a nursing facility in Woy Woy, New South Wales, Australia, where she chronicled her life growing up in the Outback, raising three kids, and working as a bartender and farm cook on her blog: "The Life of Riley" (which was also nominated for a Blogger’s Choice award in 2007). (Thanks to CookieMouse for bringing this to my attention.)
Olive not only wrote blogs but also posted a few videos of herself talking and singing on YouTube. I think this comment sums up why a lot of people can’t fail to admire this lady:

“Absolutley brilliant! Great age and she has seen more in advancement in her lifetime than any other century from first cars, landing on the moon to space stations and to cap it all she started using computors when she was well over one hundred years old!
Good on ya girl!”

Upon news of Olive’s death, her blog received a flurry of hits and experienced technical difficulties. Here is a link to her temporary blog in the meantime:

Maria Amelia Lopez from Galicia in northern Spain can now rightfully claim the title of the world's oldest blogger. The woman dubbed "little granny" by her readers has had over 1.2 million hits since she started her blog in December 2006 when her grandson set it up for her 95th birthday.

Olive Sings

R.I.P. Olive

  • The ever so reliable newspaper The Mail On Sunday claims to have discovered the real identity of mysterious graffiti artist Banksy. I particularly liked his alleged parents’ reactions quote in the newspaper:

Gunningham's father Peter said he did not recognise the person in the photograph, while his mother Pamela maintained she had never even had a son.

Music I’ve Been Listening to:

The Heart Strings
Rod Thomas
The Makepeace Brothers
Craft Club
El Guincho

I would like to say a big thank you to all the bands that have been sending me their music. I am listening and should have some reviews up soon. I like to take some time to let the music marinade in my little brain before I start writing. I have found one of the best times to listen to a new album is when I’m ironing – my brain must switch off and I relax into the tunes. Strange but true!

And finally, Terrible Love Songs is being repeatably approached by various internet advertising companies asking me to get involved in a pay per blog scenario but I refuse to compromise my principles so while I can still afford it, Terrible Love Songs remains a free musical voice on the internet.

Stay true,



Cookiemouse said...

Look forward to the photos and videos.

chalky said...

Should be up very soon!

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