Thursday, 31 July 2008

The Cool Kids -Black Cab Session

I just love the whole concept of The Black Cab Sessions and am pleased to see they have just released their 50th session, this time it's the The Cool Kids from Illinois. Mikey Rocks and Chad English were over in the UK promoting their new album 'The Bake Sale'.

The Cool Kids are touting themselves as "the new black version of the Beastie Boys". Although I'm not sold on all of their tracks on 'The Bake Sale', I do still love 'A Little Bit Cooler' and there's no doubting these guys can rap.

Take a look at this performance and try to tell me the poor cabbie wouldn't be getting just a little bit wound up at his cab door being thumped repeatably as it doubles up as a drum machine. Pretty good sounds though, maybe I'll try doing the same when I get in a London cab next, somehow I can't see me getting away with it so easily.

The Cool Kids -Black Cab Session

Here's an DiS interview with the guys behind The Black Cab Sessions.


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