Wednesday, 18 June 2008

We Smoke Fags New Single

Well, there are few big releases this week into the world of music:

Coldplay – Viva la Vida

Weezer – Weezer

Beck – Modern Guilt

…but, I’m assuming these albums will be reviewed to death by the journo world (phew! I am so linked out), so I’m going to focus on a new single release by a not so well known band called We Smoke Fags.

We Smoke Fags – Eastenders (Single)

Eastenders - We Smoke Fags

We Smoke Fags describe their style of music as ‘Electro Skunk Rock’ and list their influences as The Specials, ‘Blue Peter bring and buy sales’ and ‘The Countdown Theme’.

The We Smoke Fags lineup is:

  • Joey - Vocals / Guitars / programming
  • Leeroi - Bass / Vocals
  • Harry - Guitars / Vocals

…and yes they all do smoke fags (that’s cigarettes if you’re American).

Joey seems to have started the band as a MySpace project. He had uploaded a series of garage band demos and flippantly called them We Smoke Fags. Shortly after he found himself as a featured artist on MySpace, getting 50,000 plays a day. At this point it occurred to him that he may be onto something so he approached Lee and Harry who he’d met working behind the bar at Nambucca, on Holloway Road, about forming a band. After a few shows at Nambucca the band got offered a slot touring with Does it Offend You Yeah?

I think the vocals are very similar to These New Puritans but the sound is punk/pop with a poppin’ dance beat offered by their trusted drum machine. I really enjoy the mix, with the guitars buzzing some life into the regularity of the drum machine and slightly understated, very British vocals.’

If you’d like to get your hands on a copy, these sites are a good place to start:

P.S. They say their single has nothing to do with the popular BBC1 TV show, ‘Eastenders’.


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