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Chalky's Choice: Dengue Fever – 'Venus On Earth'

'Venus On Earth' is the latest album from the LA based band Dengue Fever. They combine Cambodian pop music with psychedelic rock and the outcome is refreshingly good. Far from severe headaches and joint pains, Dengue Fever infects you with funky baselines, fuzzy keyboards and some really great songs. With keyboards occasionally reminiscent of a sound you could hear at a fairground and Bollywoodesque vocals they certainly know how to smoothly combine an eclectic blend of inspirations. 'Venus On Earth' offers a mix of songs sung in English and Khmer which makes this album a truly unique addition to my CD collection (how any Cambodian CD's do you own?!). I recommend listening to my favorite track 'Sober Driver' to get a feel for their sound.

Sober Driver - Dengue Fever

Who Are Dengue Fever?

Dengue Fever was formed in 2001 by Ethan Holtzman and his brother Zac after Ethan was inspired by a trip to Cambodia. Lead singer Chhom Nimol was discovered performing at a night club in the Little Phnom Penh area of Long Beach as Ethan and Zac searched for a vocalist to sing in Khmer. Zac performs vocals and guitar, while Ethan plays the organ. Rounding out the band are bassist Senon Williams (who also plays in Radar Bros), drummer Paul Smith, and David Ralicke on brass.

Many of their songs are covers of 1960s Cambodian rock tunes by such artists as Sinn Sisamouth and Ros Sereysothea, but some are originals, first written in English by the Holtzmans before being translated to Khmer. Their second album, Escape from Dragon House, was released in 2005, and contained more original songs.

Dengue Fever: Sober Driver


There are plenty of chances to catch them live this Summer, here are some dates:

14 Jun 2008 20:00 Juneteenth Celebration @ M.L.K Park Long Beach, California

20 Jun 2008 20:00 Site Santa Fe Sante Fe, New Mexico

21 Jun 2008 16:00 89.9 KCRW Make Music Pasadena Pasadena, California

24 Jun 2008 20:00 Hovefestivalen Lillesand

27 Jun 2008 20:00 Hove Festival Arendal

28 Jun 2008 20:00 Respect Music Festival Prague

29 Jun 2008 20:00 Glastonbury Festival, Q Magazine Stage Somerset, England

3 Jul 2008 20:00 Roskilde Festival Roskilde

5 Jul 2008 20:00 Summer Stage in Central Park New York, New York

6 Jul 2008 20:00 Black Cat Washington, DC, Washington DC

7 Jul 2008 20:00 Johnny Brenda’s Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

8 Jul 2008 20:00 Iron Horse Northampton, Massachusetts

9 Jul 2008 20:00 Museum of Fine Arts, Calderwood Courtyard Boston, Massachusetts

11 Jul 2008 20:00 Empty Bottle Chicago, Illinois

12 Jul 2008 20:00 La Fete de Marquette at Central Park Madison, Wisconsin

18 Jul 2008 20:00 Larmertree Festival Salisbury, England

19 Jul 2008 20:00 Lovebox London Weekender London, England

23 Jul 2008 20:00 Jazz Cafe London

26 Jul 2008 20:00 WOMAD Festival, Charleton Park Wiltshire, England

27 Jul 2008 20:00 WOMAD Festival, Charleton Park Wiltshire, England

6 Aug 2008 20:00 Oya Festival Oslo

8 Aug 2008 20:00 Way Out West Goteborg

9 Aug 2008 20:00 Summer Sundae Weekender Leicester, England

14 Aug 2008 20:00 Viana Do Castelo Int. Music Festival Viana Do Castelo

16 Aug 2008 20:00 Beautiful Days Devon, England

21 Aug 2008 20:00 Festival Musicas Do mar Povoa do Varzim, Portugal

29 Aug 2008 20:00 Festival Musicas Do mar Povoa do Varzim

30 Aug 2008 20:00 Festival de Beschaving Utrecht, Holland, Utrecht


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