Monday, 26 May 2008

UK Comes Last In Eurovision Song Contest 2008 - Why Can't We All Be Euro Lovin Friends?!

With the sad news that former bin man Andy Abraham's Eurovision Song Contest performance of 'Even If' finished joint last place on Saturday night, there is a lot of talk about the UK pulling out of the Eurovision contest for good. This is not because of Andy's performance as such (of course) but due to a seemingly growing commonly agreed opinion the Eurovision Contest is more of a political vote than an appreciation of fine pop songs (?).

Following Saturday nights voting fiasco, Terry Wogan (the UK commentator for the contest since the 1970's) has mentioned quiting and has been quoted as saying:

"I think it's tremendously disappointing from the point of view of the United Kingdom."

"Andy Abraham gave, I think, the performance of his life with a song that certainly deserved far more points than it got," he continued. "When you look at the points that Spain got, that Bosnia-Herzegovina got – some really ridiculous songs."

"It's very easy to pick a country that's going to give another country 12 points," he said after the event, reports BBC News. "It's sad, it's really, really sad. It was all talked about beforehand and I decided that I was going to dismiss it. But it's very difficult to dismiss something that's right in your face."

And here is an interview were he calls the contest a European Debacle!

He claims he also knew that Russia would win this year for political reasons.

With Russia receiving the maximum 12 points from former Soviet states Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus and Armenia, as well as Israel I guess he has a point, but isn't this always what the Eurovision song contest has always been about to some degree? Maybe it hasn't been this bad for the UK until recently but still, I think the question has to be, what value does the Eurovision contest bring to us rather than should we bother. With an average of 7.1 million people having watched Saturdays show, either people enjoy it (I think that might be somewhat down to Terry Wogan's commentary) or they simply can't think of anything else to with their Saturday nights and decide to get drunk in front of the box and laugh at the car crash of sheer Euro madness that is the show (of course not).

I don't think we should pull out of future Eurovision contests, it's not only a useful measuring stick for how popular we are in Europe and which Country is in bed with who (or who wants to be in bed with who), it also provides us with laughs at really random performances like this years Irish entry, Dustin The Turkey. What point would it prove to pull out now other than to say the UK has and ego an it won't come last repeatably. Let the other countries have their moment, it's not as if it really means anything and the law of statistics suggest that it won't be long until Russia submits a really really bad song and the other states who feel they 'have' to vote for them, just look even more totally obvious and stupid! More laughs! It's just a competition! If so many don't like it, we can always just turn the box off and pick up a guitar, put on a strange outfit, shout at each their loudly and create our own interpretation.

On the other hand, the people who I do feel sorry for are the artists, like Andy Abraham who have put everything into their performance and really thought they had a chance. Lets just recognise that the Eurovision isn't a fair competition, the voters are flawed and it's not always the best song that wins. C'mon Britian, don't loose your sense of humour now 53 contests in, it's funny to watch countries think they actually have talent when they obviously don't!

Do you think we should continue to take part in the Eurovision contest?

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