Friday, 23 May 2008

Recap And The Friday Song

This week Terrible Love Songs has covered all sorts of stories from the Irish Eurovision Turkey Puppet, a new Beck / Danger Mouse track, Fat Boy Slim's change of DJ Name and a review of Little George Sueref @ The Troubadour (plus a review of The Troubadour). There are probably a billion other things to blog about but I try to hand pick to add quality to this blog.

Tomorrow I am heading off to Greenwich Park to celebrate a friends birthday. Afterwards we are heading to The Amersham Arms in New Cross (South East London) and this leads me in nicely to this weeks 'Friday song'. Do you remember Jim Bob and Fruit Bat? Does the name 'Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine' mean anything to you? Back in 1992, this single reached number 7 in the UK charts. If you haven't figured it out yet, I'm writing about 'The Only Living Boy In New Cross'. The title is apparently a play on that of Simon and Garfunkel's song The only living boy in New York. If my memory serves me well, I believe the single was about HIV. Some people call them the first real Brit pop band, some think they are best forgotten about but I disagree with that. Carter USM were the first band I ever saw live (at the Newport Centre) and they helped fuel my enjoyment of live performaces. Unfortunately, I had bounced around so much to the support band that night (Sultans Of Ping) that I had turned green (really green) and spend most of their performance holding onto a toilet! Things you do when you're 16...

If you miss Carter USM, you might be pleased to know on February 6, 2008 Jim Bob and Fruitbat hinted at the possibility of further Carter USM gigs when they sent the following email to the members of the band's mailing list.


Since the victorious Carter gigs last year, we've received a lot of emails and web messages pleading with us to play again. Messages from people who either had such a great time and wanted more or were among the many who missed out on the two shows. There have also been a number of offers from promoters for us to play more Carter shows.

Last November we felt the Brixton and Glasgow gigs were definitely it but because of all the requests and offers and because we enjoyed the gigs so much doubts have begun to creep in... Just that one more time?

So, should we play another gig - or something similar - or do we leave it where we have? We can't think of anyone better to ask than you, so if you have any opinions either way, drop us an email at:

[e-mail removed so no spam will hit it]

Love from

Jim Bob & Fruitbat"

Two dates have been announced for Birmingham Academy and London Brixton Academy for 21st and 22nd November 2008...(Jim's Birthday). Here are the links for tickets.

I hope you enjoy this weeks Friday song.

The Only Living Boy In New Cross - Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine

With the unforgettable lyric:

I've teamed up with the hippies now
I've got my fringe unfurled
I want to give peace, love and kisses out
to this whole stinking world
The gypsies, the travellers and the thieves
The good, the bad, the average and unique
The grebos the crusties and the goths
And the only living boy in New Cross

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