Monday, 5 May 2008

Nine Inch Nails Release Free Album For Download

Remember Nine Inch Nails? I was never sure if they were that little bit too industrial for my taste but if you want to see if they are your taste then now is as good a time as ever because they have made their new studio album 'The Slip', available to download for free. For me, just making your new album available for free download is better move than giving it away with a Sunday newspaper, it has more class. Speaking of free giveaways, I heard UB40 gave their new album away with the Mail On Sunday yesterday. I wonder how many copies have ended up in bins covered in the Sunday Roast left overs yet or have been recycled into birthday presents from really cheap relatives. One comment left by a hard core UB40 follower on the Money Saving Expert Forum went as follows:

"I've got all of UB40 that I like so far (still got my original 12" singles from many years ago), and really was tempted by this.

I could not (and my conscience wouldn't allow me to) pay any money for such a horrible rightwing/xenophobic newspaper no matter what the freebie is."

I guess you can't make even the most committed fans buy your newspaper or are they really just not THAT committed?! I'm sure if you scan your local charity shops or jumble sales in a few years time, you'll be sure to find a copy there, they always seem to turn up in those kind of places. You know the sort of CD, no plastic case, never been played, nobody wants it sniff sniff.

So back to Nine Inch Nails. The album is available to download (legally) from the Nine Inch Nails website. The normal release date on CD and lets not forget, vinyl will be in July this year. Hey they are even releasing the art-work and album credits in pdf format to download so your free album can look all nice and proper on your shelf.

In a statement to fans Reznor said: "Thank you for your continued and loyal support over the years. This one's on me."

Cheers Trent.

Nine Inch Nails have previously released an album, 'Ghost I-IV' online back in March, with fans choosing how much to pay to download it.

So it's without doubt all change in the music industry, I wonder how these new experiments are actually working out for the artists. Prince, UB40, Radiohead, Portishead (LastFM stream release a week before the official release date) and a fair few other artists have chosen to take this free release route recently. I guess if it stops, we'll know it didn't work. It will have been nice while it lasted.

Here is the track-listing for 'The Slip':

'Letting you'
'Head Down'
'Lights In The Sky'
'Corona Radiata'
'The Four Of Us Are Dying'
'Demon Seed'

More Useful NIN Links:

NIN Website
NIN MySpace



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Hi Chalky / TLS,

On behalf of Reflex Muzic and UB40, many thanks for plugging "TwentyFourSeven" (UK street date 16th June) ... .. and thanks, also, on behalf of the label and UB40 for not posting any pirate links to unreleased material, although, if you / your readers want good quality, non-pirated, preview tracks, a selection of full-length, official previews shall shortly be available for free downloading off UB40’s web-site, that fans and bloggers shall then be very welcome to post / host / file-swap etc in advance of next month’s official release of the full / 17 track album (check-out for details on 24/7 and the band’s 2008 shows).

To clarify the suggested / requested guidelines for 24/7, if anyone has a copy of the Mail on Sunday, 10 track promo, both Reflex and UB40 have requested that fans and bloggers simply keep these for personal use and do not post / file-exchange copies on-line … .. that being said and, again, as a goodwill gesture to fans and bloggers, the official preview tracks shall be available for free downloading off UB40’s site very shortly.

Thanks again for your plug and for respecting UB40’s wishes.



chalky said...

Hi Web Sheriff,

Thanks for letting me know about the official UB40 previews, this information is always useful.


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