Monday, 19 May 2008

New DJ Alias For FatBoy Slim

Brighton's very own FatBoy Slim (AKA Norman Cook) has decided that he should change his DJ name. Now I may be a little behind the news on this, but as far as I can gather, he still hasn't 'outed' his new name yet. Now this could be down to a few scenarios:

  • He has chosen a name but his lawyers are confirming whether he can go ahead without getting sued;
  • He doesn't want anyone to know until he gets the dot com, myspace, facebook profiles etc. in the bag;
  • He keeps getting told that his new name isn't very good and is doubting himself;
  • He has chosen a name but it holding out and enjoying the publicity;
  • He can't think of one/he's not sure;

Now if the last point is true, this is where I believe we can help him.

Can you think of a new appropriate DJ alias for FatBoy Slim?

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