Friday, 16 May 2008

My Trip To Television Studios, Man Ray And Doing The Ayatollah, Hey!

Last night, I queued up outside London TV Studios on the South bank to be a part of the audience for the BBC2 show, Have I Got News For You (HIGNFY). My husband and I shared our free tickets with a couple of friends and made an evening of it. I started off at the Tate Modern looking round the DuChamp, Man Ray and Picabia (Dada movement) exhibition called 'The Moment Art Changed Forever'. Unfortunately, the excellent exhibition is so crammed with exhibits, we ran out of time and had to skim through the last couple of rooms in order to make it to the HIGNFY queue just around the corner. One medicinal Rum later, we queued for just under 2 hours in the cold miserable British weather, conversation the only thing keeping us warm. The studios themselves seem very dated. I used to work for the technology side of the BBC and am familiar with the studios in the Television Centre, News 24 etc and can see how changes in technology such as HDTV etc are going to mean a lot of expenditure on bringing these studios into the 21st century. Didn't spot any famous people wandering around but did see a fluffy fake cat the size of a small house sitting randomly in a side studio.

Before the show starts, a warm up comedian is sent out to try to wake the audience up (alcohol effects are wearing off after queueing for so long ). He was quite good and got me laughing, that is until he started going through his entire repertoire of Welsh jokes. I suppose they were quite funny and believe me, I've heard far far worse so I'll let him off.

The show was good, recording lasted about 2 hours, a few retakes, bum jokes and heckles from the audience (which I'm sure will be edited out) and you can see how they manage to make an excellent show. Today the show will be edited, lawyers will cast an eye over it to make sure the the jokes aren't too libelous and then tonight, it will go on air. A good night out, a good show.

Now back onto the subject of Wales. No one can accuse the Welsh of not being up for a laugh and being really good at sport :-). This year we won the Rugby 6 Nations competition (Triple Crown + Grand Slam), the Swansea City 'Jacks' got promoted and a place in the Championship next season and bitter opponents Cardiff City are in the FA Cup Final tomorrow (last time was 1927). Now I know there's a blogger out there called CookieMouse who will be watching the match tomorrow and am guessing he might be doing a few ayatollahs. If you don't know what an Ayatollah is, wikipedia describes it as:

"The Ayatollah is a football celebration used by fans of Welsh football club Cardiff City. Performing the action is always preceded by a chant of "do the Ayatollah".

But how do you do it?

"Performing the Ayatollah is done by having both hands flat pointing towards each other raised above your head and repeatedly moving them up and down in a patting motion."

Where does it come from?

"The Ayatollah celebration came into use at Cardiff City games in 1990. It was originally performed by the singer and fans of a Welsh-language punk group called U Thant. It was first performed by Cardiff City fans at Sincil Bank, home of Lincoln City, on September 15, 1990, the day after U Thant had played a gig at Cardiff's Chapter Arts Centre. U Thant's singer had been inspired by footage of attendants at the funeral of Ayatollah Khomeini, which was broadcast live on British TV, doing the movement to express their grief at his death."

Wanna see what it looks like?

Here are some clips of various people 'doing the Ayatollah'

On The ITV Welsh News 'Doing The Ayatollah' with some sort of popcorn popping in the background?!

3 year old 'Doing the Ayatollah'

And here it is, The official song!:

Now you can help get this song into the Top 40 this weekend by buying the single here or texting here. This is how it's doing so far. Go on!! Dooooo the Ayatollah!

Good luck Cardiff!

[Source: Wikipedia]

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Cookiemouse said...

Bring it home, Bluebirds! That's tidy, Chalky, and thanks for the link.

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